The Modi Years by Rahul Agarwal and Bharathi S. Pradhan

Turbulence and Triumph The Modi Years is the book written by Rahul  Agarwal and  Bharathi S. Pradhan. The book will be among the best selling online books as it is composed of two famous authors. In addition, this book is based on the most followed prime minister of India, Narendra Modi.


TITLE: The Turbulence and Triumph  The Modi Years

AUTHOR:  Rahul Agarwal and Bharathi S. Pradhan

PUBLISHER: Oms Books International


Hardcover: 440 pages

Content Brief

The Turbulence and Triumph The Modi Years is the book based on current prime minister of nation India.  This book provides information about the leadership of Narendra Damodardas Modi. After independence on 26 May 2014, India had seen meticulous prime minister that after completion of 5 years he has re-elected as prime minister of country India. Every citizen as well as instituite of all fields are influenced by him and all Indians are on his path. India has seen new face after in his guidance and regulation .the book contains some photographs with the journey of his life from birth to prime minister.

About The Author

Rahul Agarwal and Bharathi S. Pradhan are very popular writers having mostly bestselling books.

Rahul Agarwal is a very energetic writer topping in the list of brilliant writers. His famous writing is Love Life and Moksh

Bharathi  S. Pradhan is a fabulous female author as well as a producer. she had also written about celebrities like Priyanka Chopra and Shantrunghan Sinha through her books.

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